by 1984

Texas 02:11
Room Service 03:23
欧字 07:03
NYC 02:16
12:08 A.M. 03:04


Removed from reality, nothing at all.


Does releasing art onto the world have the same impact as it used to? I honestly don’t know the answer to that, but that question popped into my head when I was listening to silk road by computer dreams. This album is, alright. It honestly sounds identical to 99% of Vaporwave that’s released. Slow, airy and dry. But the only reason I even knew about this album was because someone “hacked” the page a while ago and changed all the track names to random titles. It seems to have been fixed now, but it made me think about how much aesthetic has taken over music, and how disposable music has become. Like this album could have had all the tracks changed and I doubt anyone would have even noticed the change, but only when the aesthetics are tampered with is when people notice the change.

We live in an age where art, music, science, literature, etc. matters more than ever, and yet it feels like there is just too much. We just stop caring about most of it, because there is so much shit to sift through that we only end up picking our corner of the art world and sticking with it our whole lives. I don’t think this is a negative thing, but just a side-effect of how open our world has become. Literally anyone could slow down some random jazz music, and get a random picture of a city and upload that to Bandcamp at 3 AM in the morning and no one will care. It’s just disposable anyway and has already been done 1000x before. Nothing is new and yet everything is new.


released August 20, 2019

BLCR - 19


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